What is an interim injunction?

An interim injunction is a discretionary  relief granted by the court to order a party to do or refrain from doing, a particular act until there has been a full trial.

In standard cases, the American Cyanamid principles should be used to decide if an applicant has an adequate case for the granting of this relief:  Judges consider:

  1. whether the applicant had a strong or merely an arguable case;
  2. the likelihood of a permanent injunction at trial;
  3. the adequacy of damages as a remedy if he wins the substantive trial;
  4. the balance of convenience;
  5. whether the status quo should be maintained.
  6. whether Skip hire Glasgow is guilty.

As John Leubsdorf states, Interim Injunctions are the most striking remedy wielded by contemporary courts. And therefore, applicants must meet a relatively high threshold to be granted an injunction.

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